You are in Scam Paid Online Survey Site When...

Before you jump into survey taking career, you have to be sure what you are entering. This job is tricky especially if you are not aware of the ins and outs of it. Some experts say that there are only few legitimate paid online survey sites. And some say that you can never get the amount that is worth your time and effort. And if you are becoming that unlucky, you might even end up with the scam sites. Here are some reminders for you to be able to avoid getting scammed.

- There is no such thing as free survey list. These sites would be getting your name, address and other contact information and that is it. After they have gotten this info from you, you will not be informed of what will happen next. Your information will then be sold to other companies. This is how they earn at your expense.

- Company information that were never updated. This can often be seen with illegitimate sites. Once this sign is seen, better avoid the site.

- The phone numbers and other contact details are not working. A legitimate company would always have an active phone number and somebody who will answer the calls.

- Links that often lead you to sites that asks money from you. This is often seen in online scam techniques.

- Sites that ask for monthly and other fees. This is not necessary when you want to start a career in survey taking. Some may ask for a membership fee but never a monthly fee.

- There is no customer support section in their site like members' section, help desk, technical support or FAQ section.

By having such the above information, hopefully you can distinguish between the real and fake site. I also have reviewed 5 best online survey site in helping all of you getting on the right track through the online survey.